Riverside Natural Foods Ltd. achieves Zero Waste Certification

TRUE_Silver_cmykRiverside Natural Foods is proud to manufacture MadeGood products in a TRUE zero waste certified facility. The Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) certification gave Riverside Natural Foods the opportunity to understand how materials flow through facilities and identify areas in need of a redesign.
It’s one of the ways we continue to demonstrate our responsibility to the social and ecological health of our planet.

Our silver certification means we divert a minimum of 90 percent of our waste for reuse, recycling, composting and recovery for use in nature or the economy. Our initiatives include having one of our offices go entirely paperless, and expanding and labeling our waste and recycling system to divert efficiently.
Certification is a rigorous process, and each year we submit 12 months of data for scientific evaluation by Green Business Certification Inc., a global, third-party credentialing body.

As a sustainability leader, Riverside Natural Farms is the third facility in Canada with a TRUE certification. “Our success was a company-wide effort, and our employees have been steadfast in their commitment to handling facility waste properly,” says Nima Fotovat, Co Founder and President. “It has made us think carefully about our business and production decisions and how they impact the waste stream.” Riverside Natural Foods, which includes the MADEGOOD family, proudly joins an exclusive group of businesses around the globe that believe environmental sustainability is key to economic success.

We took many steps to achieve TRUE Silver, including:

● Assessing the amount of waste the company sends to landfillzero linked in
● Develop a more robust recycling program
● Increase awareness of zero waste principles with employees at all levels of the organization
● Set goals to reduce the company’s overall impact
● Encourage suppliers and partners to embrace zero waste principles
● Commit to continuous improvement year-after-year to continuously divert the company’s waste from landfill

“Zero waste is an important part of any company’s sustainability strategy,” said Mahesh Ramanujam, president and CEO, U.S. Green Building Council and GBCI. “Through TRUE,we’re helping companies like Riverside Natural Foods enhance operations in a way that is transforming our built environment and improving our quality of life.”

Although we have successfully achieved TRUE Silver, there is still more to be accomplished to further enhance the company’s sustainability practices by encouraging employees, suppliers and partners to embrace zero waste principles and continuing the reduction of waste to landfill year-after-year. For more information on TRUE please visit