Eat your way to healthy skin

Your skin is the biggest organ in the body. Made up of nerves, and complex cell systems, it is the body’s protective cover. Your skin is a powerful indicator of health, and you can tell a great deal of what’s happening inside the body by taking a look at the outside. It has many jobs, making it a proficient multi-tasker, including manufacturing Vitamin D for converting calcium into healthy bones, providing a waterproof barrier, regulating body temperature and protecting you from microbes and the elements.

Skin problems can be a manifestation of your internal needs, so watching what you are putting in your body is not only important for your internal health, but also for happy healthy glowing skin. And let’s be honest, if we talk in terms of vanity, your skin in the first thing that people look at and notice about you.

There are several nutrients that are known to play a role in the proper growth and health of the skin, and making sure that you have an adequate amount in your diet can help clear up many skin issues.

Vitamin A

Promotes cell turnover in the skin. Helps get rid of acne by preventing the formation of comedones which cause most forms of acne. Sources include liver, cod liver oil, egg yolks from pastured chickens, butter from pastured cows.


Acne is often a product of zinc deficiency because zinc controls the production of healthy skin and is required for proper function of the immune system. Sources include pumpkin seeds, ginger, pecans, oysters, oats, and eggs.

Essential fatty acids (Omega 3s)

Responsible for skin repair, moisture content, and overall flexibility, Omega 3s are especially great for the skin. Essential means that the body does not produce it therefore it is important that we get these through our diet. EFAs help with whiteheads, blackheads and dry, inflamed skin. Sources of Omega 3s include flaxseed, sardines, salmon, and walnuts.

Vitamin C

Reduces free radical damage to your skin, in particular, the damage caused by overexposure to the sun or pollution. Sources include broccoli, citrus fruits, peppers, leafy greens and strawberries.

More foods for your skin

Chocolate Good news ladies, chocolate is good for your skin!

Cocoa hydrates your skin making it more firm. Eat dark chocolate that is at least 70 per cent cocoa for better luminous skin.

Pomegranate Regulates the skin’s blood flow.

Water Skin needs to be hydrated to stay flexible, making you have fewer wrinkles.

Rosemary Packed withantioxidants making it a tiny skin-protecting package.

Olive Oil Higher consumption of olive oil (two teaspoons a day) is associated with fewer signs of aging.

Now don’t expect skin miracles to happen over night. It takes time, sometimes up to six weeks to see any results, but a healthy balanced diet packed with skin-loving nutrients will put you on the right track.

RECIPE: Skin loving smoothie


• 2 handfuls fresh kale

• 1 apple, chopped

• 1 cup raspberries

• 1 cup hemp milk

• 1 frozen banana


Blend until smooth, and enjoy!

Patty Javier Gomez , R.H.N. — Westender
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