The Benefits Of Going Organic

Benefits Of Going OrganicNext time you’re out shopping, be sure to take a look at what’s on display. Chances are you’ll find more organic food options available now than compared to a few years ago. This is because more and more Canadians are choosing organic and chances are, your local health food store is expanding with new products on their shelves to meet this demand. But what exactly does it mean to ‘go organic’?

Let’s begin with what organic isn’t. Conventional farming practices rely on synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers to produce a large mass of crops at the expense of exposing farmworkers, consumers, the soil, air, and water to harmful chemicals.

Alternatively, you can easily determine whether a product is free from chemicals, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), hormones or antibiotics by simply checking for the Canada Organic logo on the packaging. This guarantees that the organic integrity of the product has been protected every step of the way as it travelled from the farm to your dinner table.

Meeting regulations
“In Canada, organic food must meet all food regulations, as well as additional organic standards and inspections,” Long adds. “Having these rules in place makes ‘organic’ a trustworthy brand that allows Canadians to shop with confidence.”

“When you choose organic products, you are not only investing in your health, but you are also supporting sustainable, environmentally friendly practices and animal welfare.”

“Canadians are increasingly making the effort to choose local organic produce to help protect our environment, our bodies, and support local farmers,” says CHFA’s in-house holistic nutritionist Michelle W. Book. “What better time than fall to enjoy and appreciate the bounty of our land and celebrate organic food production and consumption?”